What a crazy year it’s been, from finally opening our shop and café to then closing only a few weeks in due to a global pandemic. You would have expected all that time and effort would have gone to waste, as we see the result of lockdown and the toll it’s taken on many businesses, which won’t reopen. However, that was not the case for our wee community shop, oh no! quite the opposite. Thanks to our fantastic team of committee members, staff and volunteers. We were able to thrive through the chaos and come out on top thanks to the community!

You see, that is why we are so grateful to have our community shop, the first one in all of Fife may I add. It is the heart of the community, and it took a very long time to get where we are now. Thanks to the hard work put in throughout these past six months, from home deliveries and choosing to shop local – we have come out stronger than ever as a community.

With this in mind, I felt it only fitting to share with you all, just how far we have truly come, not only in the past year but since the very start. A display of resilience and determination to get a good thing going!

Where we started

Its roughly taken us four years in total to get our little green shop up and running. We campaigned for two years, to which we held fundraisers in surrounding villages. Launched a community share issue to gain investors. We sent funding applications out to Community shares Scotland and Fife LEADER funding, plus many more. We fought for more time when we extended our shares issue, thus passing our £30,000 target by a gracious £1,770 and we were even shortlisted for the local hero awards, to which we celebrated in our village hall to mark the start of the building work. However, we did have our setbacks, such as finding out our old shop had no damp proofing, so we had to ask for additional funding from the Fife LEADER fund who so generously provided what we needed. Meaning we could finally get this show on the road.

We were getting our shop back!

The community shop means everything to our village; less travel, great local produce, the essentials within a five-minute walk, and I would count our fishers fudge doughnuts essential, for the morale of the village of course. To say the very least, we were so grateful to have the shop during lockdown. Due to our home deliveries, and being there when people needed us the most. We can happily say, we now have an abundance of loyal customers and were officially on the map! People from near and far visit our shop now for Carole’s delicious baking, Janes yummy jam’s and Sues scrumptious afternoon tea’s.

Our shop is no ordinary run of the mill shop


We are stocked with the best of the best. From our fabulous range of Luvians wine and ice cream to our fresh, crisp veg from Nethermyres farm.

If you’re fancying a fry up, we have the best Killduncan eggs around. Throw that together with some of Minick’s bacon and Fisher and Donaldson’s soft rolls. You’ve got yourself a pretty good breakfast. However, if you don’t feel like cooking you can always come on down and try our takeaway options from; Toasties, paninis, baguettes, hot and cold filled rolls and our famous soup, made fresh every day!

Our motto is ” keep a good thing going” so we stock local so you can shop local.

So come and see for yourself what we have to offer.

You can also visit our Facebook page for more details and updates.