As the colder months roll in and days start to shorten. There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal, to keep spirits high and belly’s full!


Our latest addition to the store brings home the irresistible flavours of North African Cuisine. Perfect for warming up the autumn nights.

Using our Gordon Rhodes Slow & Steamy tagine mixture – a fragrant blend of cumin, paprika and cinnamon – alongside our Odysea preserved lemons all you need to add is vegetables, olives and any meat of your choice. However, a delicious recipe I have come across is the chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemons. Read on and treat yourself to this tempting tagine recipe.



6-8 chicken thighs, bone-in and skin on
1 Gordon Rhodes Slow & Steamy tagine mixture
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
3 small preserved lemons
3 medium onions, sliced thin
700 grams potatoes, diced
3 cloves of crushed garlic
1 handful of green or red olives
1 cup chicken stock
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tablespoon chopped parsley or coriander

Step 1

  • Rub the chicken thighs with the Gordon Rhodes Slow & Steamy mixture. Cover and marinate in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours.

Step 2

  • Heat oil in a pan, add the chicken, and brown on all sides. Remove and discard the skin, leaving flavourful fond in the pan. Add onions to the pan and cook over medium-low heat for roughly 15 minutes, until lightly browned.

Step 3

  • Return the chicken to the pan, scatter with olives. Quarter the lemons, removing the pulp and cut skins into strips. Scatter over the chicken. Mix stock and lemon juice and pour over chicken. Add diced potatoes and crushed garlic. Sprinkle salt and pepper.

Step 4

  • Cover the pan and place on a low heat for 30 minutes, until the chicken is done. Scatter coriander or parsley on top and serve.

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